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By on April 4, 2013

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your possibilities, here’s what you need to know prior to you book your cruise.

An abundance of bargains are readily available throughout the year providing a array of incentives like lowered prices, airfare discounts, additional onboard credit, or even a combination of added-values. On the other hand, to safe the itinerary, ship stateroom and any shore excursions you favor, program on booking at least four to six months before departure.

Last minute bargains also readily available, which are good for those looking for a fast cruise get away. In most situations, final minute offers are what the cruise has left in stateroom availability, which suggests your option of accommodations may possibly be limited. At Cruise Holidays we are able to present the specifics of any final minute cruise delivers which might be of interest to you.

Just after you have booked, we are going to monitor the booking, make any adjustments you may request, apply any additional offers and/or savings to optimize your rewards, and notify you when final payment is due.

How will you get for your cruise ship?
1 on the most sought-after getaway elements is convenience, and cruise lines have responded by supplying easily accessible departure ports. Points of embarkation are readily available from several coastal cities about the globe.

Whether you select to drive, fly or make the most of your cruise line’s air & cruise package (which could save you money and usually includes transfers to/from the airport and pier) to get to the ships point of departure is up to you or you can ask us to check on airfare for you.

We highly advise to arrive at least a day before the cruise departure to avoid any unforeseen delays that may cause you to miss the ships departure. Discuss with us the many pre- or post-cruise options readily available to give yourself a little more time to discover another city and alleviate the chance of missing the ship’s departure.

How long is your getaway?
Cruise vacations can final a mere three to 4 days or transport you about the world on a year-long adventure. The decision is up to you.

What’s included and not?
What is usually not included in the fare you see in, say, the newspaper or on the web, are the applicable government taxes and fees, fuel surcharges, port charges and, if applicable, any airline taxes and fees. These extra fees will vary by the cruise/flight destination. We will take the time to explain these charges to you so you will have a firm idea of your cost of your cruise holiday.

Also, onboard extras such as mini-bar, spas, excursions, internet, casino gaming, drinks/liquor (on some cruise lines), laundry service, and babysitting, are not included in the cruise fare.

What are the cancellation penalties?
Cancellation penalties vary by cruise line. At Cruise Holidays we are going to discuss the cruise line’s cancellation policies with you at the time of booking. Of course, you can always ask us for this information at any time.

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